Session Organisers:




Nicola J Bidwell (Primary contact) School of IT, James Cook University


Martin Gibbs Department of Information Systems, University of Melbourne
Bernadette Flynn Griffith Film School, Griffith University
Luke O’Donnell Chocolate Box Productions

“Knowing Your Place” is an extended special session at CGIE2006 focusing on experiential spatiality in games. It explores qualities of place in game-worlds and games as places in supporting community by responding to players’ phenomenological experience of space. It seeks to facilitate sharing research and exploring ideas, understandings, issues and challenges about “space as practice” and the experience of place in and around game-worlds.

“Knowing Your Place” will facilitate oral presentations and discussion of full and abstract papers and demos; including:

  • Theoretical approaches to conceptualising the experience of place in games and in physical worlds, player-experienced spatiality and games as places
  • Applying analytical techniques and methods to the empirical study of experiential spatiality in games
  • Case studies of the design, deployment and use of devices in games to support spatial behaviour, wayfinding, gameworld extension and computer-supported cooperative play (CSCP)

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Dr Nic Bidwell leads a collaborative session with Dr Martin Gibbs, Bernadette Flynn and Luke O'Donnel.

Nic is a Senior Lecturer at James Cook University, in tropical Far North Queensland Australia, where she has recently developed courses for a games design program. Nic’s research focuses on designing to support people’s situated use of spatial context from an embodied perspective. It harnesses North Queensland’s natural uniqueness by emphasising fluid interactions between people and “wild” places and applying these understandings to simulated-3D environments. She gained her PhD in sensory neurophysiology before her Masters in IT; and, has researched or lectured at Sussex, Australian National and Queensland Universities.

Martin is a lecturer and ethnographer at The University of Melbourne. His research in the role of technologies in people's everyday, non-working lives emphasises understanding how people living in the "space of flows" play, love and congregate.

Bernadette is a lecturer in screen media and game studies at Griffith University. Her research in new media theory and production focuses on embodied subjectivity in interaction spaces.

Luke, Creative Director for Chocolate Box Productions, develops technologies to port sound and AI artwork to gaming and is setting up an animation studio in Asia. email: